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ready to go

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might be shaky

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memes I like

rainy day
nursed back to health
road trip
1408 (evil fucking hotel room)
romantic tension
haunted house
tied together

I'm up for almost anything! Gen/Shipping/Horror/etc. Just no smut. I'm okay with doing the starters and discussing PSL ideas too.
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[ He skids around the bushes and takes a firm grip on the handles to push the scooter out as fast as he can. Once both wheels are on the road, he continues: ]


[ He'll be right behind her, because he's hopping onto the scooter and starting it up as he leaves the helmet sitting a bit askew on his head. It'll suck if it falls off but oh well.

He stills puts a hand on top of it just in case, as he slams the pedal to the metal, so to speak, and takes off in a jerky motion to head back the way they came. ]
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[ Yeah yeah, like she needs to be told. She's holding the head up again, like a gross trophy, as Sadaharu bounds after Gintoki. And she's laughing the whole way.

The guards are no match for that. There's no guarantee that the police won't be involved, but for now they're free. And Kagura does seem pretty happy.
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[ God, what a terror. What an awful brat he's been saddled with. See if he ever listens to anything she says ever again! It never leads anywhere good. Terrible. Awful. And yet ...

And yet laughter bubbles out of him because, honestly, that place deserves it for taking advantage of their fame and taking fucking absurd fees for everything? Do poor children not deserve to have their dreams come true?? They can't really need all that money! There's probably some hotshot at the top taking 90% of everything. They can pay for a new Mickey suit, and he sure as hell isn't giving them anything. ]

And where're you gonna put that thing, oi????
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[ That place really does deserve it. And besides, even if it was terrible, these are the kinds of things she likes. Spending time with Gintoki. Even if it is just travel time between committing crimes.

Because of that, she has to do something good with the mouse head, right? She turns it over in her hands thoughtfully for a moment..

I will wear it, yes?

[ The outside of it smells like cherries from the syrup at the snocone cart that she and the mouse smashed. The inside however, smells like the sweaty bald guy who last donned it might need scalp deodorant. She grimaces and pulls it off quickly. ]

Shinpachi will wear it, yes?
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You're the one who took it, you wear it, damn brat! Don't shove it off on someone else, take some responsibility!

[ Says the man who's running away from the fine for the crime she's committed. But those are two entirely different things. We've already established D*sneyland deserves nothing from them anyway.

He also sounds far more amused than he does pissed off, though, so obviously he's not ... really that serious. ]
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[ She's not completely serious either. Sort of. She might really force it on Shinpachi when they get home. ]

I am being considerate, yes? Shinpachi did not get to go to Disneyland, so he would like a souvenir, yes?
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That thing's creepy, nobody wants it.
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Ah, are you upset because you want to try it? You can, yes? We would have to become a new manga, and there would probably be a lawsuit, but gorillawriter can handle it.
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If there's gonna be any kinda lawsuit, we're already in trouble because you took the head off of M*ckey and you haven't censored a damn thing!
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Huhuhuhu. You are truly naive, yes? It has been too many years of the same thing! Bleeping out M*ckey and B*nkai is not going to work anymore!

[ Since when are bankai part of Disney? Who knows. ]

We need a new tactic. This is not Mickey, yes? This is Samuel. He fought in the war with you, yes?

[ Fake flashback to the old Joui huddle; only a bloody Mickey Mouse is also there, with an arm around Gintoki. His lifeless eyes reflecting the death and destruction he's trying so hard to forget. ]
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Man... Gin-chan! You want us to get sued, yes? Is that why you are making such a big deal?

[ She lowers the mouse head, and shoots Gintoki a concerned look ]

It is not like anyone cares about the accuracy of the backstory, yes? People will forget it again just like they forget characters like Yashimoto and Hamasuki.

[ Weird Disney versions of Sakamoto and Takasugi? You bet. That's what those guys are. The right clothes and accessories, but weird character heads. ]
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[ What is wrong with her.

Just this face. ]

Who are they. If the main heroine in the manga can't even keep track of the hero's old friends, why's anybody else gonna? You're ruining us, oi. Put some effort into it.
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I tried, Gin-chan! Really! But so many characters come and go, yes?

[ A parade of characters in gross mascot heads? YES. Ninjas, samurai, old and young, one episode side characters, shinpachi love interests... They're all flying by. There are too many! ]

You cannot keep them straight either! When was the last time you heard from Oogushi-kun, huh? Did you remember him?
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There never was an Oogushi-kun! I made him up! Ah, that's how it was, right?

[ He cups his chin, frowning at the road in front of him. Oogushi-kun is just made up, right? There was no such old friend of Gin-san's, right? ]