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Sakata Gintoki ♣ 坂田 銀時 ([personal profile] permboy) wrote in [community profile] donutology 2016-05-08 07:01 am (UTC)

[ Damn it. She's so happy suddenly. But there is just no single way he could get her into that park, there really isn't, no matter how much he wants to. And he's been trying to tell her, but she just doesn't ...

And it's too late to abort the mission.

So they carry on. At this point, denying they are definitely following the D*sneyland signs would be stupid, so Gintoki simply says nothing until they arrive at the town outside of the park, like a little taste of the wonder that is to come. For the fortunate ones who don't have broke ass not-dads that is.

There are parking lots, sure, but they look like hell so Gintoki finds bushes to hide his scooter with instead. ]

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