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Sakata Gintoki ♣ 坂田 銀時 ([personal profile] permboy) wrote in [community profile] donutology 2016-05-07 08:10 am (UTC)


[ There's only so much a man can take.

Kagura's gotten it into her head lately that she absolutely, no matter what, has to go to D*sneyland. Some hot new thing among brats. "Everybody else gets to go," etc. etc. The typical shitty argument that brats always have to pull when they want something. It's super annoying.

When after a few months it still hasn't stopped, Gintoki figures he needs to do something about it. Not that he can take her to freaking D*sneyland - what does she think he is, middle class who can just save money for a little while and be able to afford it? - but he can take her somewhere. Maybe it'll make her shut up and forget about it. At least, that's what he really really hopes, as he shuffles over to the closet door and knocks lightly on it. ]

Oi, Kaguraaa, wakey wakey. We've got somewhere to be.

[ Drawling.

Shinpachi's got plans with Tae today and won't show up, so Gintoki could be taking the chance to sleep in, but no, he has to do this instead! Pain in the ass. ]

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