permboy: (→100)
Sakata Gintoki ♣ 坂田 銀時 ([personal profile] permboy) wrote in [community profile] donutology 2016-05-07 07:11 pm (UTC)

[ Damn it. Now she's excited. DAMN IT. That was fast. Why? What will he do ...

Could they ... somehow manage to sneak in, maybe? No, no, that's impossible, plus they'll check for tickets whatever they want to do ... Nope, that definitely won't work. Terrible idea. GET IT TOGETHER, GIN-SAN. YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU CAN TURN HER OFF D*SNEYLAND FOREVER. ]

Oiii, didn't I tell you to stop asking questions? I'm tired and I gotta drive here! Shut up and leave me alone!

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