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Sakata Gintoki ♣ 坂田 銀時 ([personal profile] permboy) wrote in [community profile] donutology 2016-05-07 06:15 pm (UTC)

[ Good. Just follow him out of spite. Be annoyed! Then it'll look better when they finally get there. When it's not as terrible as she fears.


It's going to take them a while, so he ... takes out a bottle of strawberry milk and opens that before he takes off down the street. Off they go to the outer rims of Edo. Hopefully she doesn't pay too much attention to the street signs for when they eventually start saying "Edo D*sneyland" because the less time she builds excitement, the better. Because they're not getting into that park. They'll just sort of stare at it.

This is a terrible idea. He has to make it seem like an awful place somehow, but will he succeed?? The question. ]

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